2018: Movement to Impeach Trump Just Getting Started

Whilst we’re eating our Christmas dinner leftovers and playing with our newfound gadgets to finish up 2017, Democrats are already scheming on how next year’s politics will play out.

And the plot line is pretty much already laid out for us.

The Dems are hoping and praying they’ll be able to capitalize on the low ratings, missteps and investigations heaped upon the Trump administration as the cause for handing over control of Congress — both Houses — to their party.

And immediately after that happens, they’ll move to impeach.

Republicans, on the other hand, are going to argue that, though it took a while, they delivered on a promised massive tax cut.

And over the next few months, they’ll work feverishly to add to the list of bills along with regulations cut and key judges appointed.

Those will be the battle lines drawn. Getting ready for the show, folks.

Here’s more from the NY Post…

Before you settle down for a long winter’s nap with adult visions of sugar plums, consider a key fact about the 2018 midterm elections: We already know what they’re going to be about.

Republicans, thanks to their last-minute tax triumph, will run on a pro-growth agenda. If the middle-class tax cuts work as promised, if the economy cooperates by continuing to expand by 3 percent or more and produces jobs, jobs, jobs, the GOP will have a strong message to sell.

It will need one to protect its narrow margins in Congress, especially because the majority party usually loses seats in the first midterms.

Democrats, on the other hand, have no message, no leader and nothing to brag about. That leaves a vacuum, which is being filled with one idea: impeaching President Trump.

Now if an election that pits tax cuts and job growth vs. impeachment strikes you as crazy, don’t blame me. And, truth be told, you can’t really blame Democratic Party leaders either. They aren’t so much leading their base as following it.

The “resistance” wing is taking over the party and congressional bosses Sen. Chuck Schumer and Rep. Nancy Pelosi can either jump on the “Impeach” bandwagon — or get run over by it.

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