2020 Shock Poll: Oprah 48, Trump 38

Yes, yes, we know. We’re barely into 2018 and it’s a political eternity between now and the 2020 election.

But, as you know, these things get started early. In truth, we’re only a year out before actual candidates start actually campaigning.

So this poll is very significant in which a daytime television personality is nearing 50% approval against a sitting president.

In Trump’s defense, Obama’s first-year approval was at exactly the same place and yet he had no problem getting reelected.

Ironically, if the GOP loses control of Congress in this year’s elections, voter outrage could be assuaged come 2020 which could result in a collective shoulder shrug with respect to letting Trump stick around for four more years.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on Iowa in the coming months.

Here’s more from Hotair…

The shock is that she’s under 50 percent. Universally known, widely well liked, and she can’t crack a majority against a guy with a 40 percent job approval? C’mon.

On the other hand, this comes from Rasmussen, the most consistently pro-Trump pollster out there. the outfit touted by POTUS himself whenever he wants to point to some middling data to counter the terrible numbers from Gallup or Quinnipiac. If they’ve got Oprah by 10, figure that the truth is closer to a 15-18 point lead.

Don’t forget either that this isn’t the first Oprah/Trump poll this year. A survey taken by left-leaning PPP back in March, when Trump was more popular, had her ahead 47/40. She’s starting off close to 50 against an incumbent president. Not a bad foundation for a campaign.

Winfrey has the support of 76% of Democrats, 22% of Republicans and 44% of voters not affiliated with either major political party. The president earns 66% of the vote from Republicans, 12% of Democrats and 38% of unaffiliateds.

Twelve percent (12%) of both Republicans and Democrats are undecided given this matchup. One-in-five unaffiliated voters (19%) aren’t sure which candidate they would support.

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