2020: White House Hopefuls Rushing to New Hampshire

We’re more than two and a half years until the 2020 presidential election — and primaries won’t start heating up for another 18 months or so — but White House hopefuls are flocking to New Hampshire as the most important among the so-called ‘first in the nation’.

The Granite State is most often seen as the bellwether for campaigns to prove whether they have the staying power to compete for their party’s nomination.

And so far a number of players are testing those waters.

John Kasich and Jeff Flake have made numerous trips which signals that they may be looking to challenge President Trump for the GOP nomination.

And on the Democrats side, Martin O’Malley, Julian Castro, and Sen. Jeff Merkley are showing interest.

The day after the November elections will be the beginning of the 2020 zoo.

Here’s more from NBC…

Potential candidates are shaking hands and taking questions from prospective voters, introductions and discussions are going on behind the scenes and Saint Anselm College’s “Politics & Eggs” conversation series has resumed.

The political world might still be recovering from the 2016 presidential election and focusing now on the midterm fights for Congress, but here in the nation’s first primary state the battle for 2020 is already well underway.

On Tuesday, two potential presidential contenders — Republican Gov. John Kasich of Ohio and former Democratic Gov. Martin O’Malley of Maryland — swung through the state on the same day, bringing with them a barrage of national media ready to report on possible challengers to a controversial incumbent president consistently struggling with scandal and approval ratings.

Their trips followed recent visits from others — Arizona Republican Sen. Jeff Flake and Democrats like Julian Castro, Oregon Sen. Jeff Merkley and Reps. Seth Moulton of Massachusetts and Tim Ryan from Ohio. President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence both dropped by the state last month.

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