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2022: Republicans Win the Florida Redistricting War

Gov. Ron DeSantis on Wednesday kept his promise and proposed a redistricting map that blows up the state’s current congressional districts, creates four additional Republican-leaning seats, and eliminates at least two districts now held by Black Democrats in North and Central Florida.

The map would create 20 Republican-performing districts and eight Democratic-leaning districts and is expected to be quickly approved by the Republican-controlled Legislature next week when it meets in a special session called by the governor. The current split of the Florida congressional delegation is 16 Republicans and 11 Democrats, and the state gets an additional district because of its population growth.

If approved, the map is expected to be swiftly challenged in state and federal court with claims that it violates the anti-gerrymandering provisions of the Florida Constitution and the voting rights provisions in federal law.

Under the proposal, Republicans would have the voting advantage in 20 districts, up from the current 16 and Democrats would have the advantage in eight: one district in the Tampa Bay region, two in the Orlando area and five in South Florida. Read more…

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