24 Republicans Vote to Keep Obama’s Transgender Military Policies

One of the more exciting elements of Obama’s exit from the White House and with the prospect of a fully Republican government was that the leftist, social experimentation with the U.S Armed Forces over the last eight years would finally come to an end.

Well, let that excitement come to an end instead.

This week Rep. Vicky Hartzler (R-Mo.) forced a vote on a measure that would finally end Obama’s turning the military into LGBT mob rule.

It seemed a fairly obvious move.

That was until two dozen Republicans joined Democrats in killing it.

Seems the moniker ‘do nothing Congress’ may just be too generous after all.

Here’s more from Redstate…

If someone has a known mental illness, they should not be allowed to join the military, period. The battlefield is no place to test the resolve of those who are mentally unwell.

But let’s be clear about what the Obama administration was asking (and what Hartzler was trying to stop): People in the throes of gender dysphoria think an elective, cosmetic surgery will fix something that is ultimately rooted in their mind. Obama, at the risk of every other service member, wanted to test the theory that an outer patch-up could fix the deeper, emotional upset. He also wanted to mix up the way genders interact in the military.

Sure, we’re facing growing dangers abroad and at home, but let’s turn our military into a laboratory for social experimentation. We’ll worry about how that effects military readiness when we hit the field.

And the taxpayers get to foot the bill.

Say, if I want breast augmentation, believe it’s necessary to fix my mental health, but I can’t pay for it, can I just join the military and have them foot the bill?

Just a thought, since breast augmentation is just as natural and reasonable as sex reassignment surgery – and that is to say, it’s NOT.

Hartzler made a strong case to push for an end to payments for catering to the LGBT mob and appeasing mental illness in our military, but, unfortunately, the bill was defeated in the House, with 24 Republicans joining the Democrats in opposing the bill, for a 209-214 count.

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