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Mexico Launches Invasion “Operation” Against America

Russia’s war on Ukraine has seized America’s attention from the mass migration crisis on the U.S.-Mexico border, where more than two completely full Superbowl Stadiums worth of foreign nationals (150,000) are still crossing each month.

But worse news closer to home is coming.

In the far south of Mexico, the central government is about to release a sea of U.S.-bound migrants it has dammed up behind the bureaucratic barrier in the southernmost city of Tapachula. The coming swell has risen to more than 73,000 angry, mobbing, rioting migrants from January 1 through March 8, according to the Americas edition of EFE.

Mexico has been blocking migrant forward movement under an agreement with the Biden administration as a kind of artifice that makes mass migration numbers at the American Southwest Border seem less than if Mexican just waved them all through. But instead, the agreement with Biden has Mexico using its National Guard to block roads out of Tapachula while requiring migrants to apply for Mexican humanitarian visas necessary to proceed unchecked north to the American border. The Mexicans slow-roll processing as the migrant population grows and agitates for release from what they call an “open prison city.” Read more…

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