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Why This Good Samaritan Was Mobbed by Neighborhood Thugs

During Covid, a family off of Kansas Avenue and Decatur Street put up an adjustable basketball hoop on their back deck, right on the alley, to let their two young kids play. The spot was popular with other neighborhood kids, and the two homeowners were happy to let other children use the net whenever they wanted.

The basketball hoop is now gone, along with the staircase from the back deck to the alley, and the window blinds are drawn closed. What started out as a normal night on April 11th turned absolutely nightmarish for the family as the four young kids, two of whom were teens, attacked the husband and left him knocked out in the alley with a broken jaw, missing teeth and more injuries…

“The last thing we wanted to do was to call the police on four Black kids playing basketball in an alley,” Jane said. “My husband had already spoken to them, had set up the net for them. Everything seemed fine. Then this attack happened… it just seems so ruthless to attack him, leave him bleeding on the ground as they calmly walked away.”

Adding insult to the injury, the ambulance reportedly took more than 20 minutes to arrive. John was taken to MedStar Washington Medical Center but oddly not admitted as a trauma patient. He was left in a hallway until they operated on him — they had to remove the teeth from the front of his lower jaw because they were all broken at the roots. After the surgery, he was left in the hallway again for 24 hours, then sent home with Fentanyl. The couple asked why he wasn’t being admitted, or his other broken bones tended, and was told there were no rooms available, and they’d have to call other hospitals to see if he can be admitted. Read more…

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