A Third: Mueller Deputy Also Represented Clinton Foundation

FBI special prosecutor Robert Mueller’s operation continues to crumble with incredulity this week as yet another member of his team has been exposed as an Obama-Hillary insider.

As if it weren’t already bad enough that Mueller’s team includes nearly a dozen donors to Obama and Hillary and that another member openly colluded to exonerate Hillary, it’s been revealed that Jeannie Rhee served as Obama’s Deputy Assistant Attorney General, as counsel (and donor) to the Clinton Foundation and as personal attorney to the infamous Ben Rhoades, Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser.

One would be delusional to think all of this is an accident.

On the contrary, it’s shaping up as the only real case of collusion in DC right now.

So here’s the gist: Obama deep-state hacks colluded to help Hillary win, then after the election began colluding all the more to bring down President Trump for ‘collusion’.

Here’s more from PJ Media…

On Fox News Tuesday night, Laura Ingraham reported that yet another one of Robert Mueller’s deputies in his Russia investigation is compromised due to her track record as a blatant partisan.

Jeannie Rhee, who was hired by Mueller last summer to work on the probe, was the personal attorney of Ben Rhodes and also represented the Clinton Foundation, Ingraham revealed. “This information will put further pressure on Special Prosecutor Bob Mueller to resign.”

Rhee is the third member of the Mueller team this week who has been shown to be brazenly partisan. Two other members of the team have been revealed as highly questionable hires in recent days as well — Peter Strzok, an anti-Trumper who helped exonerate Hillary Clinton, and Andrew Weissmann, an unscrupulous prosecutor who told outgoing acting Attorney General Sally Yates in an email that he was “proud” of her for defying President Trump’s travel ban.

As bad as Strzok and Weissman are, Jeannie Rhee takes the cake.

She formerly worked in the Obama Justice Department as a deputy assistant attorney general in the Office of Legal Counsel, according to Fox News. Rhee was also the personal attorney for Ben “echo chamber”  Rhodes, and the deputy national security adviser for President Barack Obama.

This could be a significant development because according to a report by Adam Kredo in the Washington Free Beacon last February, deep-state loyalists led by Rhodes had been working diligently behind the scenes to undermine the Trump White House and orchestrate the ouster of Michael Flynn, a strong opponent of the Iran nuclear deal.

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