ABC Suspends Brian Ross Over Fake Report On Mike Flynn

We’re absolutely shocked to report that a major mainstream media outlet has produced fake news targeted at President Trump.

But hey, at least they bothered to reprimand the guilty party.

Seasoned ABC anchor Brian Ross broke the story that Michael Flynn had cut a plea deal with the FBI in which he would testify that candidate Trump ordered him to contact the Russians. The problem is the story wasn’t entirely accurate.

Ross couldn’t have known exactly what Flynn was going to testify to, so his story was complete speculation. And as a result, the Dow dropped 300 points.

That’s how dangerous fake news can be.

Ross has been suspended for a month without pay for the infraction.

We doubt it’ll do any good since he has a long history of fabricating news.

Here’s more from Redstate…

Yesterday, ABC news ran a story that clearly implied that, before November 8, 2017, Donald Trump had ordered Michael Flynn to contact the Russians for some unknown purpose. The purpose was hinted at as being nefarious as, according to the story, Flynn was going to squeal to Mueller about it.

This was not just any story. The Dow Jones noticed immediately, dropping 300 points following the time this story aired.

The story began to unravel very quickly but it took some seven hours for ABC to make a retraction…or rather, as the call it, a “clarification.”

The error was so egregious that even the media noticed:

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