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Abortion Access Made Lady Pastor “Feel Loved by God”

A pastor for the United Church of Christ was highlighted by the Washington Post for her unusual take on abortion, stating that she believes abortion is not only acceptable for Christians, but can also be a holy experience.

Rev. Kaeley McEvoy began preaching at the Westmoreland Congregation in 2018, but only decided to share her own abortion story last November, in response to the passage of pro-life laws. Interestingly, McEvoy told this story while referencing Psalm 139…

Sadly, McEvoy is not the only religious leader to call the act of deliberately killing an innocent preborn child “holy.”

The Washington Post pointed out that 450 clergy and “faith advocates” met for a two-day virtual event called SACRED, where they discussed the “right” to abortion. George Demacopoulous, a Fordham University theology professor and expert on Orthodox Christianity, told the Post that being pro-life is theologically wrong. Read more…

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