Actual Scientist Utterly Destroys Global Warming Myth

Much to the chagrin of Al Gore, Bill Nye the (Pseudo) Science Guy, and every other global warming apocalypsist, an actual (highly decorated) physicist has finally destroyed the ‘climate change’ argument in arguably the simplest way imaginable.

In a video for Prager U, Dr. William Happer (who’s no right-winger) explains that water in both the ocean and in the atmosphere are both dynamically unpredictable.

And when they interact, whether via clouds, precipitation, ocean currents and the like, they’re even more unpredictable.

Highly advanced computer models incorrectly predicted the paths of last summer’s hurricanes just days prior.

If super-computers can’t predict the weather, argues Happer, there’s no way they can predict changes in climate decades or even years in advance.

It’s ‘impossible’. Period. Moving right along.

Here’s more from Redstate…

Everyone in the Church of Climate Change, from Al Gore to Bill Nye, likes to cite scary climate models that show the world either flooding, freezing, or dying in some gruesome way because of man’s inability to jump on board with the left’s climate centered regulations. But are these climate models to be trusted?

Not by a long shot.

According to physicist William Happer, an actual scientist, no computer is powerful enough to compute all of the factors and subtle changes to accurately predict any foreseeable changes to the climate.

We can barely figure out an accurate prediction for weather for the next day, what makes people think climate models would be any different? To make this point, Happer teamed up with Prager U to give people the real story behind climate data, and how what you’re being fed by climate fear mongers and the mainstream media isn’t just inaccurate, it’s a flat-out lie.

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