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After Court Loss, Biden Wants a “Permanent” Vaxx Mandate

The Biden regime announced Tuesday it is withdrawing an emergency order forcing private companies with 100 employees or more to inoculate or constantly test their workers for Covid-19, instead now opting to push for a permanent rule.

This comes just a couple of weeks after the Supreme Court of the United States decided to block the administration’s previous Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) vaccine mandate on private businesses.

According to a draft of the memo that will be published in the Federal Register, the agency will be withdrawing the temporary order on Wednesday.

“OSHA is withdrawing the November 5, 2021, emergency temporary standard (ETS) which was issued to protect unvaccinated employees of large employers (100 or more employees) from the risk of contracting COVID–19 by strongly encouraging vaccination,” the memo said. The agency reportedly continued to pressure companies to force Covid-19 inoculations on their employees regardless. Read more…

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