After Destroying Thousands of Jobs, Biden Raises Minimum Wage To $15… But Only For Federal Workers

In his flurry of executive orders, Joe Biden raised the federal workers’ minimum wage to $15 per hour. Biden, apparently seeking to make good on the Democrat wish to see the federal minimum wage raised, may have caused confusion, as instead of raising the federal minimum wage through Congress, Biden simply raised the minimum wage for federal workers, in a tricky series of linguistics.

The Epoch Times reports that Biden signed the executive order on Friday, January 22. The order demands federal employees – like post office employees – be paid $15 per hour, and gives them emergency paid leave.

The order also is not unilateral. It simply “instructs the Office of Personnel Management to develop recommendations to agencies that would ensure as many employees as possible get a $15 per hour minimum wage.”

Biden also erased an early move made by President Donald Trump, which created a classification of federal workers penned Schedule F, which made low level government employees easier to fire, and caused those employees designated Schedule F to lose most of their civil service protections. Read more…

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