Again: Christian Baker Targeted for Transgender Cake

Christian baker Jack Phillips only just recently prevailed in a Supreme Court victory against the Colorado Civil Rights Commission fining him for refusing to sell out his Christian faith by baking a same-sex wedding cake. Now, he’s being penalized for not baking a “gender transition celebration” cake because his religious belief is that a person’s biological sex is predetermined by God. He also believes he is being targeted by this particular unhappy customer, and that the transition cake was only the latest in a series of controversial cakes and the one that finally stuck with the Civil Rights Commission. Make no mistake: this isn’t a matter of discrimination against a group of people; it’s a matter of whether or not the First Amendment – particularly its protection of religious exercise – will survive to the next generation amid the left’s assaults. Should Trump’s Supreme Court remain consistent, it will…for now.

Here’s more from The Daily Wire…

On Tuesday, according to The Daily Caller, Christian baker Jack Phillips — who was recently handed a victory at the Supreme Court after the Colorado Civil Rights Commission discriminated against him on the basis of religion by fining him for not baking a same-sex wedding cake — filed a new lawsuit against the Civil Rights Commission. Why? Because the Civil Rights Commission has apparently issued a preliminary ruling penalizing him for not baking a gender transition celebration cake.

Yes, seriously.

On the same day the high court agreed to review the Masterpiece case, an attorney named Autumn Scardina called Phillips’ shop and asked him to create a cake celebrating a sex transition. The caller asked that the cake include a blue exterior and a pink interior, a reflection of Scardina’s transgender identity.Phillips declined to create the cake, given his religious conviction that sex is immutable, while offering to sell the caller other pre-made baked goods.

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