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Amazon Piles on the Woke Train to Blackmail Georgia

Amazon has joined the chorus of corporate leaders attacking Georgia’s election law by calling on states to “follow Virginia’s leadership,” instead. According to Amazon spokesperson and former Obama Press Secretary Jay Carney, “efforts to disenfranchise black people and other minorities continue to this day.”

“It has been fifty-six years since the Voting Rights Act became law, yet efforts to disenfranchise black people and other minorities continue to this day,” said Amazon spokesperson and former Obama White House press secretary Jay Carney in a statement on Thursday…

Last week, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp (R) signed a bill aimed at improving state election integrity. The bill seeks to strengthen voting rules in the Peach State by limiting the number of ballot drop boxes and establishing photo ID requirements for absentee voters, among other things.

The move has sparked outrage among left-wing activists, who consider the legislation an attack on minorities, suggesting that members of the black community cannot figure out how to acquire a photo ID, among other bizarre assumptions.

On Wednesday, Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian called Georgia’s new voting law “unacceptable” in a memo to employees. That same day, Coca-Cola CEO James Quincey echoed those sentiments, calling the recently-passed law “unacceptable,” “wrong,” and “a step backward.”

Meanwhile, Major League Baseball (MLB) has reacted to Georgia’s voting reform law by announcing it will move its All-Star Game from Atlanta. Apple CEO Tim Cook has also reacted, telling Axios that voting should be “easier than ever,” in the modern age.

President Joe Biden has also chimed in, calling the legislation “un-American” and “sick,” making “Jim Crow look like Jim Eagle.” Read more…

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