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Americans Rally Behind Daniel Penny, Raising $2 Million on GiveSendGo

In the latest example of woke culture gone mad, an online fundraiser for Marine veteran Daniel Penny, who is facing a manslaughter charge after putting a homeless man in a headlock on a New York City subway, has now exceeded $2 million. Apparently, being a hero for subduing a dangerous and threatening individual isn’t enough in today’s society. Now we need to throw money at those who face criminal charges for doing what any rational person would do to protect themselves and others.

But it’s not just ordinary people who are donating to this cause. Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis has voiced his support for Penny, tweeting out a link to the fundraiser and declaring that “America’s got his back.” And why not? After all, what’s a little second-degree manslaughter charge when you’re defending innocent people on a subway train?

Of course, the mainstream media has already painted Neely, the man who died, as a victim and a “dancing Michael Jackson impersonator.” But let’s not forget that he had an extensive criminal history and was known to locals as a mentally unstable individual who posed a threat to others. But hey, why let the facts get in the way of a good narrative?

And let’s not forget the double standard at play here. If this had been a police officer putting someone in a headlock, the outrage from the left would be deafening. But because it’s a “good Samaritan” taking matters into his own hands, suddenly it’s a heroic act worthy of millions of dollars in donations.

It’s also worth noting that the funds raised will not only cover Penny’s legal fees but also “any future civil lawsuits that may arise, as well as expenses related to his defense.” So not only are we rewarding someone for taking the law into their own hands, but we’re also potentially funding future legal battles if Neely’s family decides to sue.

In conclusion, it’s a sad day when we’re rewarding vigilante justice and turning a blind eye to the facts in the name of political correctness. But hey, at least we can feel good about ourselves for supporting a Marine veteran, right?

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