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America’s Allies Aren’t Buying Biden’s Ukraine Narrative

A recent survey showed that 52 percent of respondents believe at least one of the Russian claims about the origin of the war in Ukraine. For example, 28 percent believe that the Russian intervention is supported by Russian-speaking Ukrainians who want to free themselves from the persecution they are suffering. And 10 percent say they believe that “Ukraine is currently governed by a junta infiltrated by neo-Nazi movements”.

Supporters of leftwing Jean-Luc Mélenchon and rightwing Éric Zemmour, were especially pro-Russian, cutting across political divisions, the Ifop survey revealed.

Anti-Russian pundits on CNews were distraught by the result of the poll and tried to hide the problem. Dailymotion, the mainstream video platform, hastened to add that “35 percent of French people say they believe in conspiracy theories”, suggesting that the Russian position in the conflict was a de facto conspiracy because “71 percent of anti-vaxxers believe the Putin narrative on Ukraine”.

The information war led by the Kremlin benefits “from a context of ‘post-Covid’ information fog” which would be conducive “to the rise of conspiracy theories”, pollster Ifop stated. Read more…

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