An Army Of Illegal Aliens Is Marching On America

If ever we needed proof why Trump’s wall is needed, this may be it.

A massive thousand-person ‘army’ of Central American refugees is marching through Mexico — completely unassailed by Mexican authorities — on their way to the U.S.

Their plan is that by marching as unarmed civilians in massive numbers, no one will dare stop them.

So they intend to cross the U.S. border as soon as possible where they hope Border Patrol may just let them stroll right in.

Get ready for a big media kerfuffle.

The Trump administration won’t allow this to happen, and the media will play it up as a huge humanitarian crisis.

This could push the immigration fight in Congress to boiling point.

We’ll keep you posted.

Here’s more from Hotair…

I first became aware of this developing tale thanks to a tweet from Nicolas Medina Mora lionizing the work of Adolfo Flores of Buzzfeed. What is Adolfo up to? Take a look.

You won’t see much in the way of coverage of this on the major networks or CNN, but Buzzfeed is covering it.

For five days now hundreds of Central Americans — children, women, and men, most of them from Honduras — have boldly crossed immigration checkpoints, military bases, and police in a desperate, sometimes chaotic march toward the United States. Despite their being in Mexico without authorization, no one has made any effort to stop them.

Organized by a group of volunteers called Pueblos Sin Fronteras, or People Without Borders, the caravan is intended to help migrants safely reach the United States, bypassing not only authorities who would seek to deport them, but gangs and cartels who are known to assault vulnerable migrants.

Organizers like Rodrigo Abeja hope that the sheer size of the crowd will give immigration authorities and criminals pause before trying to stop them.

“If we all protect each other we’ll get through this together,” Abeja yelled through a loudspeaker on the morning they left Tapachula, on Mexico’s border with Guatemala, for the nearly monthlong trek.

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