Andrew McCabe to ‘Retire’ from the FBI Amid Scandal

In case you missed the big news amid the Christmas merriment, embattled Deputy Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe announced with suspicious timing that he’ll be retiring early in 2018.

That is, he’ll be retiring just after he racks up enough time on the dial to qualify for a federal pension.

Recall McCabe has been at the center of several apparent scandals at the FBI in which it’s become patently obvious that the bureau had more than a handful of agents actively working to aid Hillary’s election efforts.

And now President Trump is trolling him via Twitter to pile on congressional efforts in pursuit of his potentially criminal behavior.

And maybe it’s just us, but we have a bit of problem with a man potentially so corrupt as to tamper with a presidential election thinking he can remain in his position long enough to receive full federal benefits.

Here’s more from Daily Caller…

Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe plans to retire from the bureau early next year, according to a new report.

McCabe is retiring amid heavy scrutiny from congressional Republicans over his roles in the Russia investigation and the Clinton email probe. Top Republican lawmakers like Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley have recently called for McCabe’s ouster.

According to The Washington Post, McCabe will leave his post in a few months, after he becomes eligible for full pension benefits.

McCabe, 49, met for hours earlier this week with members of three Congressional committees to discuss his work on the Trump and Clinton investigations.

He was interviewed on Tuesday by the House Intelligence Committee, which focused on his involvement in handling the infamous Trump dossier. Fox News reported that McCabe offered few details about the dossier or the Russia investigation, which was opened at the end of July 2016.

Fox News reported that McCabe was unable to say what parts of the salacious dossier have been verified by the FBI.

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