Another Georgia county has uncovered 2,700 missing votes

The Georgia Secretary of State’s Office says another county has found missing votes during their audit of the ballots in the presidential race. This comes as Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger has started firing back after more than a week of criticism from President Donald Trump.

Raffensperger says it was the president’s own attacks on absentee ballots that cost him the election in Georgia. “He would have won by 10,000 votes. He actually suppressed, depressed his own voting base,” Raffensperger said.

The Secretary of State said some 24,500 Georgia Republicans who voted absentee in the June primary, didn’t vote in the general election.

Raffensperger told Channel 2 investigative reporter Justin Gray that the president cost himself the election here.

“Those 24,000 people did not vote in the fall. They did not vote absentee because they were told by the president, ‘Don’t vote absentee it’s not secure.’ But then they did not vote in person,” Raffensperger said. The deadline for the statewide audit is Wednesday at midnight.

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