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Another Major Biden Crisis Is Looming

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has not been doing well since President Biden took office and Pete Buttigieg took over the Department of Transportation, and now there’s another problem on the horizon that the president has not taken steps to address.

Rather than a nationwide system outage that grounded all flights or an unaddressed ATC staffing shortage that forced airlines to slash flights at East Coast airports ahead of the busy summer travel season, this time it’s just one position that will soon be empty and is likely to bring even more issues for America’s air transportation system.

You see, current Acting FAA Administrator Billy Nolen is stepping down from the post this summer, leaving the FAA without a chief.

After the news of Nolen’s departure broke, Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman Sam Graves (R-MO) noted that the acting administrator had “performed admirably under difficult circumstances at a time when the FAA is dealing with a number of vacancies in top positions of leadership, including the position of Administrator.” Read more…

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