Another Pelosi breakdown: Flip-flops in Two Sentences on Trump

Yet more evidence that Nancy Pelosi is off her rocker has emerged this week in an interview with the Today Show.

After following her usual rant about how President Trump’s alleged Russia connections need to be investigated, host Savannah Guthrie pressed her on whether she has evidence that would warrant an investigation.

“No, I just wonder what the Russians have politically…on Trump.”

This was five seconds after criticizing Trump for making allegations against Obama without having evidence.


Here’s more from the American Mirror…

Nancy Pelosi’s string of public appearances featuring bizarre behavior continued on Friday’s “Today Show.”

The House Minority Leader did her best to take a sledgehammer to Donald Trump and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, but instead, it repeatedly bounced back and hit her in the face.

Pelosi admitted she has no evidence for her repeated accusation that there is a connection between Trump and Russia.

“One of the things the president has been criticized for is making an allegation against the Obama administration, but not offering any proof,” host Savannah Guthrie said.

“Something you say a lot ad have said a lot is that you think that the Russians have something on President Trump and you say, ‘What do they have on him?’

“You’re asking the question. Do you actually have any information to back up that question or are you just speculating about it?” Guthrie asked.

“No, I just wonder what the Russians have politically, personally or financially on President Trump,” Pelosi said, not answering the question.

In her rambling set of talking points, Pelosi mistakenly called Trump the “question of the United States.”

Because she doesn’t have the proof to back it up, she called for an investigation.

Moments later, she flip-flopped in a matter of two sentences.

“I think that both of the (Intelligence) committees can do some kind of an investigation. I don’t think that the chairman of the House committee, uh, he should recuse himself, because,” Pelosi said before being cut off with, “You don’t think he should recuse himself?”

“I think he should recuse,” she responded, “he should not conduct the investigation.”

Pelosi then went on to accuse committee Chairman Devin Nunes of “bizarre behavior.”

At the end of the interview, Pelosi refused to say which Democrat she thought could beat Donald Trump in 2020.

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