Another Pro-Trans Leader Charged with Possessing….You Guessed It.

It doesn’t take a genius to tell you that child predators have been using public schools to prey on young people for decades. Most parents expect reasonable precautions to be taken when others watch over America’s young and vulnerable. In the age of Rainbow Righteousness, parents can now be found in cities across our country putting their children in harm’s way…with terrifying results. To get an idea of just how real this issue is, let’s take a look at one example from this Tuesday in Milwaukee.

Not only was the man involved a Judge. He was also the leader of the local Drag Queen Story Hour advocacy group, the “Cream City Foundation.” Putting obvious moral hazards and conflicts of interest aside, an under-handed kind of good was brought to this situation when this man was arrested. This man, who Leftist-oriented parents trust to oversee the ruining of their children’s innocence, was charged on Tuesday for the distributing images and videos of child sex abuse, and that’s not all. Read more…

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