Another Test: North Korea Fires Missile Farther Than Guam

It’s abundantly clear now that economic sanctions from the United Nations aren’t doing a lick of good in deterring North Korea from test-firing more ICBMs into the Pacific Ocean.

But then again, why would any non-military tool be of use against a madman who only recognizes power in military terms?

Yesterday Kim Jong Un fired another ICBM with the longest range to date of 2,300 miles.

This is important because Guam is only 2,100 miles away.

Though it’s not clear whether the missile was carrying a payload equivalent to a nuclear warhead, it’s obvious N. Korea can strike U.S. assets with something.

The question for the Trump administration now is whether they will double down on what’s already not working or step up military exercises in the area…which apparently also isn’t working so well.

Here’s more from Redstate…

The rogue nation of North Korea is not backing down, and the time for our next move may be near.

On Friday, they conducted another missile test, with reports showing the missile was in the air for approximately 20 minutes, and traveled 2,300 miles. That’s significant because Guam, already threatened by North Korea’s maniacal leader, Kim Jong-un, is about 2,100 miles away.

So was this another, not-so-thinly veiled threat?


“The range of this test was significant since North Korea demonstrated that it could reach Guam with this missile, although the payload the missile was carrying is not known,” the Union of Concerned Scientists said. “Guam lies 3,400 km from North Korea, and Pyongyang has talked about it as a target because of the presence of US forces at Anderson Air Force Base.”

The tension between North Korea and the U.S. has only heightened since new sanctions have been agreed upon by the United Nations.

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