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Another Texas GOP Censures Abbott for Enabling Biden

The top Republican elected official in Texas, Governor Greg Abbott, was formally censured on Tuesday evening by the Wise County GOP.
“As the Governor of Texas, Abbott has done some great things. However, in the last few years his ideals and some actions, especially on personal liberties, have not lined up with the vast majority of his Texas constituents or the Republican Party of Texas platform,” Wise County GOP Chairman Eric Marney told The Texan.

“Millions of Texas residents and businesses have been substantially impacted by the Governor’s over-reach with his use of emergency powers and his lack of action in protecting Texas residents from the federal government. Lawsuits against the federal government are a mighty tool that we must use but we also require our elected state officials to take action and become ‘THE’ leader among states standing up for its residents in every form possible!”

Under Rule 44 of the Republican Party of Texas (RPT) rules, an elected official or party official may be censured by a county executive committee. It requires a two-thirds vote by the committee, and Wise County’s was unanimous. Read more…

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