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Anti-2A NPR Drops a Historic Whopper About Mass Shootings

Do American citizens still believe that NPR is truly an “unbiased” news organization? A new report by the taxpayer-funded public radio recently raised alarm bells for Americans across the country after it announced that there have been “over 240 mass shootings” in the United States since the beginning of 2022.

According to the article, the United States endured “at least 246 [mass shootings] in just over 22 weeks,” for an average of “just over 11 a week.”

Such a number was reached without looking at the FBI’s traditional definition of a mass shooting, which necessitates that 4 or more people other than the gunman are killed during the incident. NPR instead elected to utilize the Gun Violence Archive of four or more people being shot, regardless of survival.

The infamous government-sponsored media outlet is known for exhibiting blatant bias in its reporting on numerous occasions, notably posting in 2020 that they refuse to report on the Hunter Biden laptop scandal because, in their opinion, it is not really a story. Read more…

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