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Anti-Trump FBI Agent Strzok Claims Durham Probe Biased

Oh, look who’s accusing someone else of bias-Peter Strzok, the former FBI agent who was fired for his anti-Trump texts. The irony is truly mind-boggling. Now, he has the audacity to criticize John Durham’s report on the FBI’s investigation into Trump’s campaign, claiming it exhibited bias and should never have been made. Talk about hypocrisy.

Durham spent four long years conducting thorough research, and what does Strzok have to say? He dismisses it, claiming it “didn’t come up with anything.” Well, isn’t that convenient? I guess Strzok, the self-proclaimed unbiased expert, knows better than the Special Counsel himself.

According to Strzok, Durham had a “cognitive bias” and spent years trying to build a case against the investigation. But wait a minute, isn’t that exactly what Strzok himself did during the infamous “Crossfire Hurricane” investigation? He openly expressed his disdain for Trump, vowing that they “won’t allow” him to become president. And now he has the nerve to accuse Durham of bias? The lack of self-awareness is truly astonishing.

Strzok’s argument is laughable. He claims that the initial allegations against Trump were “extraordinarily serious” and justified opening a full investigation. Really? The same investigation that failed to find any conclusive evidence of collusion after years of digging? It seems like Strzok is desperately clinging to his narrative, unwilling to admit that maybe, just maybe, there was nothing there to begin with.

Durham’s report clearly states that there was no information indicating any contact between the Trump campaign and Russian intelligence officials. Yet, Strzok tries to downplay this by pointing to the guilty verdicts in Mueller’s investigation. Sorry, Strzok, but guilty verdicts on unrelated charges don’t validate the flawed origins of the investigation.

In the end, Strzok’s attempt to discredit Durham’s report only highlights his own biases and double standards. It’s a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black. Perhaps Strzok should take a long, hard look in the mirror before accusing others of bias and misconduct. But I won’t hold my breath for that moment of self-reflection.

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