Anti-Trump Leader of Group Who Marched With BLM, Claims Group Helped Storm the Capitol

We’ve heard a lot about John Sullivan, the left-wing activist who had been involved in organizing BLM protests in Utah and was heard at a D.C. protest in August calling for President Donald Trump to be ripped out of the White House. He was right at the door to the House chamber when Ashli Babbitt was shot and filmed the incident. He was later arrested and police alleged he was involved in inciting action that day that could be heard on video.

The NY Post also revealed that their law enforcement sources had identified two Antifa members from New York among the people at the Capitol.

You may have noticed, if you were observing what occurred, that there seemed to be people who were not your ordinary run-of-the-mill Trump supporters, who seemed to be dressed for battle, organized, and acting somewhat in concert.

That may not have been our imagination. There’s a story that has gone largely unrecognized by much of the media, except for a story in Reuters that most everyone else ignored. Lifesite picked up their story and ran with it this week. Read more…

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