Antifa Assaults Woman Waving American Flag

A woman waving a large, American flag at a conservative protest in Portland, Ore. on Sunday was attacked by Antifa militants who tried to steal her flag, then pulled her to the ground by her hair. The woman would not let go of the flag, and when Antifa couldn’t get it away from her, they assaulted her.

The conservative woman, who appears to be a woman of colour, was steadfast in her determination to retain her American flag and would not allow Antifa militants to take it from her.

Andy Ngo, editor-at-large for The Post Millennial, reported the violent encounter. The video shows a woman standing with a group of other conservative protestors, holding a flag.

A man walked up to her and grabs her flag, but she wouldn’t release her grip and he dragged her a few feet away, where more of his affiliated counter-protestors were. A second man joined in and snagged the flag.

One of them grabs her hair and drags her to the ground as she cries out. Those she was with rush in to free her, and she gets away. A man offscreen could be heard to say: “Are you serious right now?!” Read more…

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