Antifa Descends on Tacoma, Washington, to Smash Windows and Set Fires

Antifa activists on Jan. 24 traveled to Tacoma, Washington, to violently demonstrate after a police officer struck at least one person with his vehicle while trying to drive through a crowd the previous evening.

Video footage and photos showed activists with the far-left, anarcho-communist network setting fires in the street and smashing windows at businesses in Tacoma, a town of about 212,000 approximately 30 miles southwest of Seattle.

The crowd of more than 100 individuals marched around the downtown area. Police officers eventually responded after demonstrators began breaking windows.

At least one Antifa flag was spotted in the crowd, and members donned the distinctive all-black clothing the network is known for. A number carried black umbrellas, which Antifa members use to spar with police officers.

“No cops, no prisons, total abolition?” the crowd chanted. The chant is common for Antifa, which opposes many aspects of the criminal justice system. There were also chants of “Black Lives Matter” and “Free them all” as the crowd passed by the Pierce County Jail. Read more…

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