AP Story on Climate Change Omits Quotes from Skeptics

With the third major hurricane making landfall on the U.S. Gulf Coast in just over 30 days, global warming fetishists are having a field day, particularly those in the leftist media.

So it’s no surprise to learn that the AP ran a story on how this year will mark the historic high point in terms of the billions of dollars in damages wrought by Harvey, Maria and now Nate.

But in the course of writing the piece, the AP didn’t care too much for the answers it got to the questions posed to climatologists who are ‘deniers’.

So, rather than write a balanced piece, the AP simply omitted the testimony from those folks.

The result was just as you’d expect: nearly hysterical drivel about how climate change will continue sending costs into the stratosphere unless we ‘do something’.

Perhaps folks could stop buying big McMansions along the Gulf Coast or maybe we could just take into account that inflation increases the cost of things over time.

Here’s more from Daily Caller…

An Associated Press reporter sent some questions to Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. about what role global warming played in this year’s slew of billion-dollar natural disasters.

Pielke, an expert on natural disaster costs, apparently didn’t give AP reporter Seth Borenstein the answers he was looking for, because his ensuing article didn’t have any quotes from the University of Colorado professor.

Pielke’s answers largely reflected the work he’s been doing for years — that there’s no evidence global warming is making weather more extreme. Any increase in natural disaster costs is caused by an increase in wealth and population, according to Pielke’s research.

Borenstein, however, did quote Penn State climate scientist Michael Mann, who claimed global warming was “impacting extreme weather in ways we hadn’t anticipated.”

Mann is an ardent advocate for liberal policies to address global warming, and has even suggested the fossil fuel industry has launched a campaign to marginalize his work. Mann recently gave an academic freedom lecture at the University of Michigan, where he attacked his critics as “climate deniers” shilling for energy companies.

Borenstein also quoted a meteorologist at the insurance company Munich Re, who said a bigger role in natural disaster costs is that more people are living in areas prone to extreme weather.

Pielke suggested his answers didn’t match the narrative Borenstein was looking for.

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