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Arizona’s Democrat Senator Thinks You’re a “Terrorist”

A woman featured in an ad run by a PAC supporting Arizona Democrat Senator Mark Kelly has previously slurred white men, calling them the “single greatest domestic terrorist group.”

Dr. Cadey Harrel is featured in an advertisement of Advancing Arizona, a Kelly front group. The Tucson doctor has trafficked in extremist rhetoric targeting white men on her personal Twitter on numerous instances, most significantly referring to white men as terrorists. The ad features Harrel talking retail politics on moderate healthcare policy, without espousing her more hateful and prejudiced views…

The physician, a progressive activist in the state, has locked and purged her social media after receiving criticism for her racist attacks on white men.

Kelly is yet to condemn the racist extremist, following in a pattern of looking the other way when supported with anti-white racists and left-wing extremists. A known Mark Kelly campaign operative is known to have participated in a Virginia hate hoax seeking to slander Glenn Youngkin with fake white nationalists. Read more…

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