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Author Publicly Endorses Castrating Children

The author of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health’s (WPATH) Standards of Care Version 8 (SOC8) new chapter on minors voluntarily becoming eunuchs, or castrating themselves, has been revealed to have co-wrote an opinion piece where he claimed that the Islamic State (ISIS) should castrate men in order to secure a successful caliphate.

One of the listed contributors of SOC8 is Thomas Johnson, who according to Reduxx, “has for over two decades participated in [the] fetish forum (Eunuch Archives) that hosts and produces extreme sadomasochistic written pornography involving the castration and torture of children” and whose “academic interests advocate for expanding the concept of ‘gender identity’ to include men with sadomasochistic and even pedophilic castration fantasies.”

In historic Islamic caliphates, eunuchs were slaves that had been captured and castrated, and were typically forced to guard harems, the separate part of a Muslim household reserved for wives, concubines, and female servants, because they were made unable to impregnate them.

Johnson held the opinion that these eunuch slaves were the backbone of the caliphates, writing “All previous caliphates relied on a special class of bureaucrats to provide stability and statesmanship. Those were eunuchs, who were unable to impregnate the women sequestered in the palace. Eunuchs were without family and dependent upon the caliph for support,” in a Washington Post piece titled “Islamic State lacks key ingredient to make ‘caliphate’ work: eunuchs.” Read more…

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