Bernie Sanders in ’87: Universal Healthcare Would ‘Bankrupt’ U.S.

America’s favorite socialist, Sen. Bernie Sanders, is almost certainly going to run for president in 2020 in hopes he can reclaim his status as would-be Democrat nominee now that Hillary isn’t around to rig the election.

And his one-trick pony will be, once again, universal healthcare. His version of single-payer healthcare, which of course we’ll call BernieCare, would make Obamacare look like the best of the free market in comparison.

But an obscure 30-year-old video was revealed this week showing Bernie with an important admission: ‘universal healthcare would bankrupt the nation’.

Since that time he clearly smoked too many joints and lost all attachment to objective reality.

Here’s more from the American Mirror…

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders introduced his bold, new “Medicare for all” health care plan on Wednesday with the support of many of his Democratic colleagues in the Senate.

The single-payer, universal health care proposal would give all Americans a “Universal Medicare card” to cover a whole host of health care services, from hospital stays and doctor visits to substance abuse treatment, dental, vision and even abortions, CNN reports.

Sanders outlines the “Medicare for All” plan on his website, which declares “Americans need a health care system that works for patients and providers. …

“We need a health care system that significantly reduces overhead, administrative costs and complexity.”

The plan is expected to cost about $1.38 trillion per year, paid for by tax hikes on employers, the middle class, and the wealthy. Estimates of Sanders’ previous single-payer proposals by the Urban Institute estimated the changes could cost as much as $32 trillion over the course of a decade, Reason reports.

The expense, according to a much younger Sanders, would bankrupt the nation.

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