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Beto Picked A Bad Time to Try and Trick Texas

Blaze Media’s Sara Gonzales released footage of a staffer for Democratic Texas gubernatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke and a female officer with the Dallas Police Department getting physical with her while she was taking a video of the candidate.

The video appears to show an O’Rourke staffer, who Gonzales has identified as Cynthia Cano, grabbing at Gonzales’ phone, and a female police officer, who Gonzales has identified as Jackia Miles, subsequently pushing her without warning.

“Here is the moment [Beto O’Rourke]’s staffer assaulted me right in front of him, tried to take my phone, and a [Dallas Police Department] officer joins in and assaults me while saying, ‘I don’t even gotta touch your phone, I can just touch you.’”

“Does DPD serve the taxpayers or the Democrat machine?” Gonzales questioned. Read more…

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