Beware: The FBI Sets a New Trap for Conservatives

Right-wingers of all stripes can never get enough of talking about the supposed civil war on the horizon. This topic got a boost in attention over the last month following America’s chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan. Some saw the Taliban’s defeat of the Globalist American Empire as a sign fed-up patriots can do the same in Appalachia. Comedian Sarah Silverman further sparked discussion last week on civil war after she called for a national divorce.

Many conservatives praised her for sharing this bold idea with the masses. They believe a peaceful national divorce is the only realistic option going forward.

However, the conditions for a civil war don’t exist in America. There’s too much prosperity, a very powerful government, an overtly content population, lots of bread and circuses, and no institutions or leaders to bring forth a separation. I’ve covered these reasons at length on my podcast.

Some readers will probably disagree with these arguments and insist civil war/national divorce is a viable option. But there’s one argument they can’t disagree with: The group that’s most eager for the Right to embrace civil war talk is federal law enforcement. That alone should make conservatives think twice about sharing Boogaloo memes. Read more…

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