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Biden Administration Smashes Unwanted Record, Shocking the Nation

The recent data release by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection regarding October’s border statistics reaffirms the ongoing severity of the border crisis. According to the CBP report, agents encountered an alarming 240,988 illegal immigrants along the U.S.-Mexico border in October. This figure represents the highest number of encounters for any October on record, as highlighted by Bill Melugin of Fox News Channel.

Equally concerning is the revelation that there were 13 instances in October where border patrol detained individuals flagged on the FBI’s terror watch list, including one person who crossed the U.S.-Canada border. Such occurrences underscore the inherent risks associated with porous borders and inadequate immigration policies.

The staggering number of encounters for October includes over 185,000 illegal border crossings and nearly 45,000 illegal immigrants paroled via the CBP One app. This application has come under intense scrutiny from lawmakers who assert that the Biden administration is exploiting the system to execute mass releases of illegal immigrants into the United States.

As reported earlier, the House Homeland Security Committee obtained distressing statistics regarding the use of the CBP One app, revealing that 95.8 percent of “inadmissible aliens” were being released into the U.S. under its utilization. Committee Chairman Mark Green (R-TN) has strongly criticized Secretary Mayorkas, highlighting these numbers as proof of the administration’s dubious operation, resulting in the irresponsible admission of individuals with no legitimate claim.

Nationally, CBP recorded a total of 309,221 encounters with illegal immigrants in October. This figure significantly surpasses the encounters recorded in previous fiscal years for the same month, marking more than three times the encounters documented in FY2021, which stood at just 90,585.

The persistent surge in illegal immigrant encounters, particularly those paroled via the CBP One app, continues to heighten concerns about national security risks attributable to the Biden administration’s lenient border policies. Amidst escalating global tensions, internal memos have shown CBP field offices raising alarms about the potential exploitation of the border crisis by groups like Iran-backed Hamas terrorists seeking entry into the United States.

In a recent bulletin, a CBP field office warned of the possibility that individuals inspired or connected to the Israel-Hamas conflict might attempt to navigate through the Southwest border. There’s a concern that such individuals, motivated by ideological or mercenary purposes, may seek to obscure their travel to or from the Middle East through Mexico, potentially posing a significant threat to national security.

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