Biden Aides To Politico: 2020 Is Go, But One Term

President Trump has officially announced the beginning of his re-election campaign this month. And lots of speculation about potential Democrat challengers is catching fire.

Which of course is why it’s perfect timing for Joe Biden to begin leaking hints of his final bid for the White House.

And that’s precisely what his campaign aides are doing.

According to Politico, Biden is jet-setting around the country with energy to spare, promising the final battle with Trump.

But, lest we worry about his age, he’ll promise only to serve one term since he’ll be the oldest president in history.

Promises, promises.

Here’s more from Hotair…

Will Democrats really get behind a do-over in 2020? Many have speculated that a late substitution of Joe Biden for Hillary Clinton might have saved the White House for Democrats in 2016, and at the very least it’s tough to argue that they could have done worse. Biden, for instance, would have known to campaign in the blue-wall states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, and would have been better positioned to connect with working-class Americans outside the urban-coastal progressive bubbles.

The Democratic Party, however, wants to double down on those progressive bubbles in the future, so Politico reports that Biden’s aides are working on an unusual primary pitch. How about one term of Joe Biden as a “reset” president, in which he adds a young progressive to the ticket for 2024?

Between stops on his book tour and in the ramp-up for what will be a heavy midterms campaign schedule, a tight circle of aides has been brainstorming a range of tear-up-the-playbook ideas for a White House run, according to people who’ve been part of the discussions or told about them.

On the list: announcing his candidacy either really early or really late in the primary process so that he’d define the field around him or let it define itself before scrambling the field; skipping Iowa and New Hampshire and going straight to South Carolina, where he has always had a strong base of support; announcing a running mate right out of the gate and possibly picking one from outside of politics; and making a pitch that he can be a bridge not just to disaffected Democrats, but to Republicans revolting against President Donald Trump.

They’ve also discussed an idea some donors and supporters have been pitching Biden on directly for months: kick off by announcing that he’d only run for one term. One person who’s pitched the idea said Biden would try to sell voters on “a reset presidency.” The former vice president would pick a younger Democratic running mate and argue that he’d be the elder statesman to get the country and government back in order post-Trump and be the bridge to the next generation.

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