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Biden and Friends Manage to Wreck More Than Just America

America under Old Joe is, to say the least, not headed in the right direction, and 88 percent of the country agrees. Not even one-fifth of Democrats can muster the guts to say things are going well. The economy is shaky, inflation is out of control, the streets are in chaos, and America has hopped from fighting one disastrous war to funding another. We need not belabor points that you, dear reader, already know.

But believe it or not, America’s situation isn’t as disastrous as it appears. To illustrate, let us briefly travel nine thousand miles away.

In a move worthy of Portland, Oregon, in early 2021 Sri Lanka’s government announced an immediate and total ban on using chemical fertilizers or insecticides for agriculture. Essentially, the country was told to go 100% organic by government decree.

The result: Famine. Yields fell dramatically, and a country that once easily fed itself now cannot. Even worse, economic dislocation of the ban means that now, even with the ban hastily reversed, many farmers didn’t even bother planting this year. Now, the country is officially bankrupt, and on the verge of total collapse. Read more…

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