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Biden “Checking” If He Can Federally Mandate Vaccination

During a press briefing Tuesday, Joe Biden said that he is “checking” into whether he can overrule the actions of State governors who have banned mask mandates.

A (pre-chosen) reporter asked Biden about certain governors, such as DeSantis of Florida, and Abbott of Texas instituting mask mandates and if Biden has “presidential powers to intervene.”

Biden responded, “If a principal in my school says everyone should wear a mask, or the school board votes for it, that governor will nullify that.”

He added, “That governor has the authority to say you can’t do that. I find that totally counter-intuitive and quite frankly, disingenuous.”

While saying he doesn’t believe he has the power to overrule governors, he added “We’re checking that, but federal workforce I can.” Read more…

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