Biden Coronavirus Adviser Calls for 4-6 Week Lockdown

I can remember when we were told we had “fifteen days to slow the spread” as if it were only 240 days ago.

Before we know it it’s going to be a year since we heard that phrase uttered, and while states have all opened back up to some extent, crippling regulations are still in place that are posing a major threat to America’s retail and restaurant industries. Both industries disproportionately employ low-skilled workers, and thus it’s the poorest among us suffering the most during this pandemic.

Red States have removed coronavirus restrictions at a faster pace than Blue States, and as a result, unemployment rates are nearly 60% higher in Blue States. Blue States also lead the nation in coronavirus deaths per-capita, perhaps because Red State leaders had the foresight to not mix coronavirus patients with nursing home residents. Many Blue States have kept onerous regulations in place even when they regularly go days without a single coronavirus death.

Cases are once again on the rise in America – and they’re rising even faster in Europe, which previously garnered media praise for supposedly defeating the virus among those in media looking to shame the Trump administration. This time around we have the benefit of hindsight, and know that it’s primarily the elderly and those with preexisting conditions who need to be protected from the virus. Over 50% more people above the age of 85 have died of coronavirus than those aged 0-64 combined. Fewer than 500 coronavirus deaths out of 217,348 recorded deaths (through the end of October) were people age 24 and younger. Read more…

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