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Biden Drops Bombshell: Claims Unlimited Power Over Debt

President Joe Biden has launched a scathing attack on Republicans, labeling their demands for spending cuts in debt ceiling negotiations as “unacceptable.” Speaking at a press conference after the G7 summit, Biden called on the other side to abandon their “extreme positions” and warned of a potential default if they don’t reach an agreement. However, Biden hinted at an alternative solution by exploring the rarely mentioned 14th Amendment, which could grant him the authority to bypass Congress and raise the debt ceiling himself.

“I believe we have the authority,” Biden confidently stated, alluding to the 14th Amendment. However, he acknowledged the potential legal challenges and the pressing deadline for the debt crisis. The Treasury Department warns that the government could default on its $31 trillion debt as early as June 1 without Congressional authorization for more borrowing.

Biden’s Asia trip was abruptly cut short due to the escalating debt talks. While raising the debt ceiling is typically routine, Republicans have weaponized the issue, demanding spending cuts as leverage to pressure Biden. The President accuses the GOP of endangering the US economy for political gain. The stalemate has reached an impasse, with both sides trading accusations.

White House spokesperson Andrew Bates tweeted that Republicans were holding the nation hostage, asserting that they had made no demands to avoid default. On the other hand, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre blamed McCarthy and his party’s pro-Trump wing for threatening to push the country into default unless extreme partisan demands were met. McCarthy fired back, accusing the socialist wing of the Democratic Party, led by Biden, of being in control.

As the talks remain deadlocked, Biden expressed his belief that McCarthy is waiting for him to personally intervene. The President emphasized that more borrowing is urgently needed to cover current budget expenditures. Failure to raise the debt ceiling could have severe consequences, triggering economic shockwaves and potentially plunging the US into a recession.

With the 2024 election on the horizon, Republicans are seizing the opportunity to pin the blame for the nation’s staggering debt on Democrats, despite it accumulating over several decades. The GOP insists that raising the debt ceiling must be accompanied by measures to reduce the deficit, such as cutting social spending and limiting access to Medicaid. In contrast, Biden proposes a combination of spending reductions and tax increases on the wealthiest Americans and corporations. However, Republicans adamantly oppose any tax hikes as part of a deal.

Biden cautioned that while the 14th Amendment might provide an avenue, time is running out to invoke it successfully. Unilateral action within the next few weeks remains uncertain, leaving the ultimate resolution in the hands of lawmakers. The fate of the debt ceiling hangs in the balance as negotiations intensify, with both sides scrambling to avert a catastrophic default. Stay tuned for further updates on this high-stakes battle.

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