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Biden EPA Announces Toughest-Ever Rules for Power Plant Emissions

After weeks of buildup, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) unveiled its strictest-ever rules for power produced using natural gas, coal, and oil that could spur the use of carbon capture technologies.

The standards released on May 11 would affect new and old power infrastructure, including new natural gas turbines and the country’s existing coal fleet. Though the United States still has hundreds of coal plants, the number of such installations has fallen sharply during the past decade.

“We will see some coal retirements,” EPA Administrator Michael Regan told reporters on May 10.

He added that individual states and companies would have significant discretion in terms of implementation.

U.S. Climate Envoy John Kerry in 2021 said the United States simply “won’t have coal” on its grid by 2030.

The EPA’s proposals are intended to induce U.S. power plants to boost their use of certain technologies, including the co-firing of fossil fuels with what it calls low-greenhouse gas (GHG) hydrogen and, in particular, the capture, sequestration, and storage of carbon. Read more…

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