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Biden Exposed: The Shameful Truth About His Racism

It’s no surprise that Biden’s popularity is sinking like a lead balloon. He inherited a thriving economy, secure borders, and a sense of stability, only to tear it all down with reckless abandon.

Instead of promoting American energy independence, Biden is begging foreign governments for oil while refusing to tap into our own resources. No wonder gas prices are through the roof and inflation is skyrocketing at a rate not seen in decades.

But that’s not all. Biden’s disastrous handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal left our military humiliated and allowed terrorists to take hold of billions of dollars’ worth of American equipment. And let’s not forget his dismissive attitude towards Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which only emboldened Vladimir Putin.

And what about Biden’s own family? Corruption runs deep in the Biden clan, with Hunter Biden’s shady dealings coming under scrutiny. It seems like everyone in the family is cashing in on their political connections.

But perhaps the most concerning aspect of Biden’s presidency is his divisive rhetoric. Instead of uniting the country, he constantly smears his political opponents and resorts to race-baiting tactics. It’s clear that he’s more interested in playing identity politics than actually delivering results.

The American people are waking up to Biden’s failures. His approval rating is plummeting, and even his once-loyal supporters are jumping ship. It’s time for Biden to take responsibility for his actions and stop using inflammatory racial demagoguery to distract from his own shortcomings.

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