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Biden Gives Trans Terrorist Tax Funded Mutilation Surgery

Convicted terrorist Cristina Iglesias, a biological male who identifies as transgender, will receive sex change surgery with taxpayers picking up the tab. Iglesias is recorded as a “female inmate.”

The Washington Free Beacon reports that 47 year old Cristina Iglesias, born Kenneth R. West, will become the first federal transgender inmate to have the taxpayers pay for their “sex reassignment” surgery.

Estimates range for the procedures, but the Philadelphia Center for Transgender Surgery provides a menu from which someone can pick and choose their surgery cocktail. A male to female operation starts around the $25,000 range but can cost as much as $100,000.

In 2015, Iglesias asked to be transferred to a women’s prison and began hormone treatment. The Bureau of Prisons insisted that 12 months of treatment were necessary to prevent the inmate from being able to achieve an erection. This in hopes of stifling the string of rapes in women’s prisons by men who identify as transgender. Read more…

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