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Biden Just Drone-Bombed 10 Children

Since the US carried out a drone strike in Kabul the prior Sunday (Aug.29) that witnesses say killed 10 civilians, the Pentagon and the White House have defended the bombing, claiming it targeted ISIS-K. But relatives of the victims strongly deny that any of them were affiliated with ISIS and want answers from Washington.

“They have to give us answers. Is our blood so worthless, we don’t even get an explanation?” Ramal Ahmadi, a brother of one of the dead, told The Associated Press. Ahmadi said a missile hit his brother’s car as he pulled up to the family’s home and children ran out to greet him.

The US claims the car was laden with explosives and a secondary blast is why there is such a high civilian casualty rate. But Ahmadi and other witnesses dispute Washington’s claim.

Emal, another Ahmadi brother, told AP that if the car was full of explosives, the blast would have done much more damage and pointed to two undamaged gas cylinders. “If the car was filled with explosives like the Americans say, why didn’t these cylinders explode,” he said. “How could the wall still be standing if this car had been full of explosives?” Read more…

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