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Biden Knew About Border Surge and Did Nothing!

Internal documents obtained by the Washington Free Beacon have revealed that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) had prior knowledge of a significant migrant buildup on the Mexican side of the southern border months before the recent surge of migrants. However, the documents suggest that no preemptive action was taken by the DHS to mitigate this influx, which has now overwhelmed local officials across the United States.

The data showed an increase in apprehensions by Mexican immigration authorities beginning in May, indicating a likely rise in border crossings. Additionally, federal agencies documented the buildup of migrants on the Mexican side of the border at the start of September.

While the Biden administration has grappled with the surge of migrants since taking office in January 2021, it has laid blame on Republicans in Congress for stalling immigration reform proposals. This situation has caused tensions between the White House and Democratic officials in various cities, such as Chicago and New York, where the influx of migrants has strained resources and prompted discussions of budget cuts to accommodate housing and social services.

Customs and Border Protection announced nearly 232,000 migrant crossings in August, a record for the year and a 27 percent increase from July. There are indications that the situation may not improve, with an additional 100,000 migrants traveling through Panama and Mexico in hopes of reaching the United States.

President Biden previously expanded the CBP One app in January, presenting it as a solution to create an orderly, safe, and humane process for immigration. However, the continuous rise in illegal border crossings has raised questions about the effectiveness of the app. Despite the end of Title 42, which allowed swift deportation of illegal aliens, the number of border crossings has not decreased. The DHS claims that approximately 1,450 migrants per month can remotely apply for asylum through the CBP One app, but there have been issues with its implementation.

The Biden administration has been criticized for its response to the border situation, even as it had advanced knowledge of the migrant buildup in Mexico. Eagle Pass, Texas, declared a state of emergency after 5,000 migrants crossed into the town. Despite calls from various quarters, the administration has not taken sufficient measures to address the ongoing border crisis.

President Biden has placed blame on the Republican Party, accusing it of undermining border security and blocking bipartisan immigration reform efforts. Recently, he expanded temporarily protected status for nearly 500,000 Venezuelans living in the United States illegally, allowing them to apply for work permits.

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