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Biden Prepares “Door-to-Door” Vaxx Teams

As RedState reported earlier today, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki announced that so-far unnamed operatives would be going “door to door” to check vaccine status in an attempt to increase vaccinations among the population. Obviously, that’s a concerning development, and I’ll get into my personal thoughts on that in a minute.

But to drive home the fact that it wasn’t just an off-hand comment by Psaki, President Joe Biden repeated the same pledge just hours later. This is apparently a vetted, thought-out messaging strategy, which is just insane when you consider how it’s probably going to be received by those who aren’t vaccinated.

To start, by what authority does the federal government have the right to knock on the doors of those who haven’t been vaccinated to pressure them into it? I understand public service announcements and such, but this seems many levels beyond that. No one, especially someone from the government, should be going to people’s houses to demand private medical decisions of them. Is the goal here to just hand out pamphlets? If so, then why not just say that instead of being so vague about the intentions at play?

But as Ted Cruz advisor Omri Ceren notes, the other big question here is exactly where these supposed door knockers would be getting their information from? Read more…

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