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Biden Recommits to Amnesty for 22 Million Illegal Aliens

As President Biden prepares to unveil an immigration plan, he is recommitting himself to granting amnesty to nearly every illegal alien in the United States, which number up to 22 million, according to some estimates.

At a CNN town hall event Tuesday night, Anderson Cooper asked Biden if it would be “essential” for any immigration bill to have “a pathway to citizenship.”

“Well, yes,” he replied.

Biden explained that he might deal with other issues in separate bills, such as refugees, but “not at the expense of saying I’m never going to do the other.”

“There is a reasonable path to citizenship,” he said.

Titled U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021, Biden’s bill likely will be unveiled by the end of the week. Along with a fast-track to American citizenship, the plan calls for a 700% increase in the refugee resettlement program, reinstatement of the Central American Minors program, work permits for the family members of H-1B and H-2B visa holders, more employment-based and chain migration visas, a fast-track to the U.S. for Central American family members of citizens and an expansion of the Diversity Visa Lottery program. Read more…

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