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Biden Secretly Putting Patriots on No-Fly List

On tonight’s broadcast of Tucker Carlson Tonight, the Fox News host referred to Americans being placed on the TSA’s No Fly List by the Biden administration only hours after America First commentator Nick Fuentes revealed that he was added to the list.

“There are reports tonight that a number of American citizens including Americans who were at the Trump rally in January, the perfectly legal Trump rally in Washington in January, have been placed by this administration on the No Fly List, meaning they cannot fly domestically,” said Carlson, before noting that his team has not been able to independently verify the reports.

“If it’s true this is a turning point in American history. These are people, again, who have not been charged with crimes,” hammered Carlson. “If they have been prevented from traveling in their own country by the administration because the administration doesn’t like their political views, that is not democracy, that is dictatorship. We ought to find out who is on the No Fly List and why, and we should find out immediately…”

As National File reported earlier today, Fuentes says he discovered he was placed on the No Fly List after he attempted to board two separate flights to attend an event in Florida. The America First show host explained that he was told by two different airlines that the TSA would not allow him to board the plane, and while they would not say that he was added to the No Fly List explicitly, they suggested that he would have to appeal the decision with the TSA. Read more…

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